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RealTime Funding was created to provide payroll funding & back office support to independent staffing companies. The name itself was to signify that RealTime would give our clients access to unlimited capital immediately & give clients the capability to cut "live net checks real time for all clients.

Having spent 25 years in the management and ownership of successful medical staffing firms across the country, Don Day, founder and Chairman, realized that there were many constraints on the independent staffing owner. Cash flow challenges, rising insurance costs, changing technology and the lack of quality financial reporting led Don to create a support vehicle for the independent staffing community that would be known as RealTime Funding.

The corporate objectives of RealTime Funding are:

  • Specialize in servicing independent staffing firms
  • Provide a vehicle to help the local and regional services obtain a competitive edge
  • Hire industry experts who understand staffing operations
  • Identify with our clients' challenges and proactively suggest alternative ways of handling issues

From our straight forward pricing models to the flexibility of helping our clients through the "rough spots" RealTime is there.

We maintain a "silent" role

Our people act as if they are our client's employees. We answer the phones as the "home office" and act as a seamless extension of our clients.


RealTime developed a proprietary software application for our clients. Having a proprietary application leaves RealTime the flexibility to customize our application and services to meet unique needs for all areas of staffing.

Create formidable partnerships

Our outstanding relationships with well known and respected financial institutions lay the foundation for our continued growth and expansion. We continue to add and strengthen our relationships with vendors to benefit our clients.

RealTime has grown over the years expanding into numerous states across the United States. We work with a variety of staffing specializations including medical, accounting, clerical, legal, IT and executive contracting, learning much about our client's key "hot buttons".

RealTime Funding enhanced our front office software application. We met with our key clients and created a requirement specification to take our technology offering to another level. We embarked upon the design and production of our current web based application, RealStaff. RealStaff is an excellent tool for our clients and allows instant access to information at the push of a button. This ability to get real time data allows our clients the ability to make well informed business decisions. There is no need to purchase additional front end software, RealStaff can handle that for you, at no additional cost.

Our people remain our most valuable asset and are committed to helping our clients reach new levels of excellence and growth. Our core values are firmly entrenched and have only been strengthened by the addition of our expanded staff. It's not what we do but who we are that makes the difference.

Today, RealTime is a true service organization offering expanded services & more flexible options to the independent staffing company. Whether it be funding, accounting services or more, RealTime will live up to its name while retaining a flexible customer focused organization.

Our company goal is to continue to offer excellent customer service, adjust to the ever changing market and to continue to offer flexibility to our clients.

RealTime Funding is a group of exceptional people that have a vested interest in providing exceptional value to our clients, business partners and one another. Our home office is located in Winter Park, Florida. Our facility houses our team members that are committed to your success.


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About RealTime

RealTime was founded in 1994 to provide unparalleled service to the independent staffing industry. We provide numerous services including payroll funding, full back office support, worker's compensation, benefits and free state of the art front office software and more.

Using RealTime Funding allows staffing company owners to focus on selling and recruiting and making more money!

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