How do I get started?

Print the Confidential Application and fax it to (407) 678-1248 or send via mail to 7071 University Blvd, Winter Park, FL, 32792

Download Confidential Application

Do I have to buy any hardware or software?

General hardware requirements will be personal computers, printer and a high speed internet connection. RealTime will assist you in the process of buying the proper hardware for your specific needs.

RealTime's proprietary software, RealStaff, is a web based application that is accessed through your web browser. All you need is access to the internet and the proper codes and you will have real time access to real solutions that will give you more time to allow you to increase your SALES!

Do you have support for your software?

Yes. We have in house IT support available 24/7 for critical issues.

Can I print checks daily in my office?

Yes. RealTime Funding understands that some companies and areas need to have the flexibility to pay INSTANTLY to stay competitive. You have the option of printing checks on site, in RealTime! In addition, our pay cards can be PAID INSTANTLY!

Do you have any hidden fees?

NO Our charges are based on a percentage of gross billings and have a variety of options based on the services you need. Based on an analysis of your needs, any anticipated fees are disclosed up front.

Do I have to get all of my customers approved by RealTime Funding?

No. You are responsible for determining the credit worthiness of your clients. We do provide a mechanism to check the credit worthiness of your clients as a value added service.

Will my business (customers and employees) be kept confidential?

ABSOLUTELY! We understand that your customers and employees are the keys to your business. We set you up with a separate and distinct database with strict internal controls designed to keep your business information confidential.

What kinds of clients do you provide services to?

We service numerous types of staffing companies in all areas and specialties. Our clients are in a variety of phases including:

Start-up companies

Companies that are experiencing tremendous growth

Companies that have been using a traditional lending source which does not understand their specific needs

Companies that are not satisfied with their financial and/or back office support relationships

When is my profit distributed to me?

You can choose to receive your profit distribution on a weekly or monthly basis. These amounts can be distributed via direct deposit or a live check mailed to you. And again, the payment to you is based on gross billings invoiced not on cash collected. This gives you the ability to 100% forecast your cash flow. It keeps your cash flow smooth. That's important!

How are invoices prepared and who is responsible for mailing them?

We print and mail invoices from our support center in Winter Park, FL. Invoices are printed and mailed weekly. Again, invoices will have your company name on them.

Are paychecks in RealTime Funding's name?

No! Paychecks are issued from a local bank in YOUR market with YOUR name on the checks.

Does RealTime Funding cut and mail paychecks?

Yes. In addition, you have the ability to print instant net pay checks in your office. We also offer pay cards for your employees that can be funded immediately from your office or wherever you have internet access.

How long does it take to get started?

2-4 weeks. The application and approval process can begin immediately. You can print our Confidential Application and call 1-800-366-3077 to get the process underway. You're only a few weeks away from freeing yourself some added time to sell and make more money!

Are there any up front charges?

No! We do not charge consulting fees, new account fees, bank fees, audit fees, local or UCC-1 filing fees.

What does it cost?

Our fees are based on a percentage of your gross billings/revenue.

How long has RealTime Funding been in business?

RealTime Funding has been in business since 1994. In addition, the staff at RealTime Funding has over 150 years of actual experience in or supporting the staffing industry. We've been there and we understand your business, what drives your business and the daily challenges you face.

What does RealTime Funding do?

We provide unlimited, 100% payroll funding and Front and Back Office Administrative support for staffing companies so that you can concentrate on growing your business by increasing your SALES! We provide payroll funding coupled with payroll and invoice generation. We pay, on your behalf, all of the taxes associated with payroll cost, including federal, state and local. We complete your quarterly and annual tax reports along with annual W-2 generation and distribution. We assist with collections and provide application support with RealStaff, our proprietary web based front and back office software package. We also provide other value added services structured to meet your needs.

About RealTime

RealTime was founded in 1994 to provide unparalleled service to the independent staffing industry. We provide numerous services including payroll funding, full back office support, worker's compensation, benefits and free state of the art front office software and more.

Using RealTime Funding allows staffing company owners to focus on selling and recruiting and making more money!

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