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  • Focus on your business

    RealTime Funding, Inc. allows you to focus on your business by providing a number of accounting services such as Payroll, Invoicing, Collections, Worker's Compensation and Tax Filing.

  • Let us handle your taxes

    We pay, on your behalf, all of the taxes associated with payroll cost, including federal, state and local. We complete your quarterly and annual tax reports along with annual W-2 generation and distribution.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service is the most important aspect of what we do. Our aim is to keep you 100% satisfied and to exceed your expectations!

  • Funding Only

    • Full Invoice Funding, freeing up valuable cash flow.
    • Allows you to grow your business without the constraints of a restricted cash flow.

    Full Service

    • Full invoice funding, PLUS...
    • Your payroll administered in your company name
    • Invoices with collection assistance
    • Your taxes electronically or manually filed.
    • Now offering Workers Compensation and Payroll Funding with just one call.

    Full Service plus Accounting

    • Full Service and Funding option PLUS...
    • Comprehensive, customizable business accounting functions.

Who we are

We help you focus on your business

RealTime Funding was created to provide payroll funding & back office support to independent staffing companies. The name itself was to signify that RealTime would give our clients access to unlimited capital immediately & give clients the capability to cut "live" net checks real time for all clients.

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  • "RealTime Services provides more than payroll funding and back office support, they are a true business partner. Given the day to day demand of the medical staffing industry very little time remains for administrative tasks. Their support allows us to focus on providing the best service to our clients and nurses. With all of the services that RealTime provides including: Client Advocates, Collections, HR and IT support, our associates are able to focus on the growth of their business instead of being burdened with "back office" functions. Partnering with RealTime Services has helped us to be a top competitor in the medical staffing industry. I feel confident and enthusiastic while speaking to clients saying "We really do it all!"
    Kathy Payton – C.O.O for a nation-wide medical staffing company.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Realtime Group for over 5 years. As a Branch Leader in both Florida and Ohio, the full back office support of RTS enabled me the freedom to focus on growing my markets. Now as a Regional Leader, Realtime™ make sure I have the knowledge and tools I need for success. The people are friendly and helpful and it’s comforting to know that Realtime™ is always available for support and information.
    Pam Davidson – Regional Leader for a nation-wide staffing company

About RealTime

RealTime was founded in 1994 to provide unparalleled service to the independent staffing industry. We provide numerous services including payroll funding, full back office support, worker's compensation, benefits and free state of the art front office software and more.

Using RealTime Funding allows staffing company owners to focus on selling and recruiting and making more money!

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